You Are

You are part of the universe
And you bear the stamp of your origin
You are made from the mud of the earth
Within you lies the potential for good or evil
Sin or faith
The universe needs you and it bears your actions
The world is an instrument and you are an operator
Filling it with worship or blasphemy
Consider this;
The most beautiful notes have no knowledge
Building blocks as silent as stone
But you will arrange them
Make them sing passion, madness, despair, rage
Words in themselves cannot lie
But you make them live
Shaping them to be noble or vulgar, true or false
You are the centre of the universe
Create her symphonies.

Words adapted from a passage of Pierre Charles' 'The Prayer of all Things'
Shot and edited by Si Moore
Creative direction by Chris de Jong and Luke Oram
Music by Sam de Jong
V/O by Luke Oram
Thanks to Sky from Sky's Window Cleaning