Vespa Club: 'Hold Me'

Your new favourite chill tune comes from Sunshine Coast outfit Vespa Club.

'Hold Me' is the band's first single, off their forthcoming EP, which the group says is in the can and ready for release. Vespa Club is the brainchild of brother and sister duo Ellie and Jordan Merry - we had an email pow-wow with Jordan about the influences behind their summery sax-infused jam:

"The song came really naturally to me when I was just fooling around with some beats on my laptop," says Jordan. "Then I started singing whatever came to my head. I guess it then eventuated into the concept of someone or something having a loose grip on you and you not wanting it to leave. We started properly recording it with our producer Chris Collins in Sydney and ended up writing the bridge on a park bench in Southerland whilst eating a meat pie. And the sax, well I've always dreamed of having sax in one of our songs, so when I suggested it to Chris, he pulled some strings and made it happen."

"Being a brother and sister duo project is always challenging, but definitely has it's benefits. We used to clash a lot with music tastes and definitely with logistics with gigging haha ... But we have grown so much as a team and now it's so easy to write music together. My sister Ellie is really great at melodies and I kinda just like hitting things to see how it sounds. As far as inspiration goes, we used to play in a folk band and a lot of our melodies have kinda crossed over to our new style. But now we are really into the more produced electronic vibe. We dig artists like Shura and Kevin Garrett, but obviously want to hold onto our own style."

Check the tune below.