Under the Influence

One of the greatest influences in my life is brother, who from an earlier age played a major part in me finding my two main passions in life: surfing and music. He had a band when I was in my early teens - I remember thinking he was so cool. I used to go to his band practices and watch him; sometimes he would let me jump on the mic and have a sing-along. I would always try and out-sing him. Pretty annoying I can imagine, but he was patient with me.

He gave me the confidence to go out on my own and start a career in music. He always had good taste in music and understood what it took to make a great song, unpacking a tune and showing me why that song was good, how to write meaningful lyrics and tell a story. To this day I’m still trying to master the perfect song – I owe that all to him passing the music bug to me.