Ásgeir Releases New Album ‘Afterglow’

Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir quickly rose to prominence in 2014 with his laidback song ‘King And Cross’.

Now he’s back with his third album ‘Afterglow’, and he’s created some cosmic looking videos to go alongside each track.

‘Afterglow’ still has the singer’s trademark muted tones and chilled approach, but feels slightly bolder than his earlier work. It definitely draws some Bon Iver comparisons, while keeping pretty true to his original sound palette.

A highlight on the album is Ásgeir’s cover of The Pixies hit ‘Where Is My Mind’. Many of the songs, like ‘Underneath It’, are atmospheric and perfect for unwinding to. And ‘Hold’ is pure Icelandic magic, as he alternates between singing in English and his mother tongue, on a song built up around acapella harmonies.

Ásgeir often uses lyrics written by his poet father Einar Georg Einarsson, and on this release he used lyrics written by both his father and his brother Steini, which gives the work a timeless and personal feel.

Listen to the new album ‘Afterglow’, with it’s calming visuals here: