Rubén Crown: 'Fall In Fall Out"

The ever-eclectic Rubén Crown has struck again, with a sinister new track that's dripping with 80's glory.

The track was produced by Ezra Vine brainchild Joe Faris at his space in Parachute Studios, and it sounds like the pair gave his impressive array of vintage recording equipment a good workover. 'Fall In Fall Out' begins with a Stranger Things-inspired 80's synth intro, setting the scene for the sinister electro pulse of the track. From there on, it's a pleasure-ride of analog synths, subsonic bass lines and MJ-inspired vocals through vocoders. 

This is definitely Crown's most adventurous track, and it seems like he's struck sonic gold in his partnership with Faris.

We're off to stalk the city streets in our Trans-Ams at night with this one blaring.