Parachute Studios Update

2014 has been a busy year at Parachute Studios. We've been hunkered down making some beautiful tunes day and night; no doubt you'll be hearing a lot of them in the near future. We've always had a strong contingency of bands using the facilities for rehearsing but its been great to see the studio being used more and more this year for recordings, whether in the form of EPs, singles or full length albums.

We started off the year finishing off Benny Tipene's 'Toulouse' EP, and it was great to see the album debut at #2 on the New Zealand charts, ending up certified Platinum. We were also lucky to play host to Ginny Blackmore and Stan Walker's beautiful live acoustic recordings.

March saw us working with a whole bunch of stellar local acts like Seth Haapu, Lil Trigarow, Denelle, Idiio, Sunday Best, Banglade$hAlexander Wildwood and Joe Morton. We also got the Parachute Band boys getting back together to work on new Vespers tracks - stay tuned for more news on that.

One of our favourite projects so far this year was the recording of Whenua Patuwai's 'Soul Sessions' album with the Levites backing him as session band. Getting to relive those classic songs and arrangements with an all-time session band of Kiwi musicians was a priceless experience and we've been so stoked to see it go to #1 on the charts.

We then dove headfirst into Auckland church Life's sophomore worship album, a process that spanned three weeks and included 11 studio tracks as well as post-production on three live tracks from Life Conference. The album will be out in September.

This month we've come full-circle, spending every minute of every day working on Benny Tipene's debut full-length album, out on Sony Records later this year. He's a talented song-writer and multi-instrumentalist so the songs are coming together very nicely.

We're loving seeing the organic creative collaborations taking place and seeing the studio become what it was meant to be - a hub for all things music.