Nakita's Loud and Clear

Throughout history, popular culture has been moved by people willing to raise their voices. At Parachute, we believe that one voice can start a revolution, that musicians as spokespeople can change the very culture around us. Just one song at the right time can be a powerful force of change. And we’re committed to seeing more songs that shift our culture for the better.

Our Artist Development initiative is a key part of making that happen; it's a chance for us to work closely with burgeoning artists, making sure they get a good start through practical advice, holistic support and mentoring.

One of our Artists in Development, 15-year old Nakita Turner is shaping up to be a culture-changer. Launched in March her anti-bullying anthem 'One Voice' was downloaded over 50,000 times in its release week across over 150 countries. Now, six months on, her voice is starting to echo even further.

After being inundated with requests to share her message with schools around New Zealand, Nakita's teamed up with youth advocates Zeal to create the One Voice Online Resource, a toolkit for schools wanting to discuss anti-bullying. The resource explores the themes of the song, chops the lyrics into conversation starters, and even makes the song itself available for students as a free download. Fellow Kiwis such as ex-All Black John Kirwan, Massad and the What Now crew add their voices to the cause in the 'Shared Stories' section and schools are encouraged to add their own stories to the site.

Check out the One Voice Resource here.

U2's Bono once said, "Music can change the world because it can change people." As of today, Nakita's voice is echoing around the world with a message that will literally save lives. This resource is only one of many achievements for Nakita this year, including her being awarded a Change Maker Award by the Ministry of Youth Development in May and more recently being invited to speak at Zeal's Tall Poppy event.

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