Merk: ‘Lucky Dilemma’

Auckland producer Merk has released his latest single, and it’s an absolute winner of a song.

‘Lucky Dilemma’ was created as a bonus track, which will be added to Merk’s debut album ‘Swordfish’ when it gets re-released (on Australian label Dew Process) at the end of the month.

He explains, "This song came from a feeling of frustration when I was trying to figure out where I wanted to be heading musically. There were so many directions it actually left me feeling stuck. ‘Lucky Dilemma’ is about the paradox of choice - sometimes we have so many options it's crippling instead of empowering. I still don't know where I'm headed but I'm starting to enjoy that feeling these days."

It’s definitely a slicker sound than we’ve heard from Merk before, and the song starts off with an upbeat drum loop that builds into a solid chorus groove.

‘Lucky Dilemma’ shows off just what a strong songwriter Merk is, and it’s good to see him crafting out his niche more and more, creating a sound that’s his own and that’s purely infectious.

Way to go Merk, we salute you. Listen to ‘Lucky Dilemma’ below: