Marlin’s Dreaming: ‘Floating’

Marlin’s Dreaming have released the video for their latest tune ‘Floating’, and it’s a dreamy psychedelic piece that’s picking up some serious attention.

The Dunedin four-piece started out playing local student gigs in their hometown, before recording their debut album ‘Lizard Tears’ last year with producer Justyn Pilbrow (of Elemeno P). They sent the recording over to be mixed by legendary US mixer Jeff Ellis, who’s known for his work on Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel ORANGE’, and released the album back in October.

‘Floating’ has gained serious traction for the group, getting over 500,000 streams on Spotify. It’s a slow-burning, guitar driven jam with compelling lyrics about drifting away from someone you once felt tied to. With tight songwriting and well-crafted production, it all feels effortlessly put together.

Since the release of their album, the band have toured up and down the country, and were recently picked up by Australian blog Happy, who said, “These guys have been such an exciting find. A dark and emotional kind of indie pop, Marlin’s Dreaming are absolutely killing it over in NZ. Well curated and visually captivating, there’s mystery and a moody sophistication to their sound which we just can’t get enough of.”

Watch the brilliantly shot video for ‘Floating’ below: