Lorde Breaks Down ‘Sober’

We’ve been perusing the incredible back catalogue of the ‘Song Exploder’ podcast, where artists break down their musical creations in depth, and Lorde’s one is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already got to it.

The 21-year-old pop wonder breaks down the creation of her song ‘Sober’ in amazing detail; sharing snippets of the original demo, playing the strange samples sneakily placed in the song, and discussing the lengthy process of its construction.

She explains that while the song’s original idea was born with her co-producer Jack Antonoff, it took a team to finish the final product, saying, “Even when you know what it deserves to be, it often takes somebody else’s good idea to get it there.”

They ended up sending the song to Frank Ocean producer Malay, who added different chords and made the beat of the song go through the whole way to give it some more energy.

Lorde also recorded her vocals with superstar vocal producer Kuk Harrell, who’s known for working with Rihanna. She explains in the podcast, “I’m a big fan of thinking about the character my vocals are playing in songs,” and discusses all the work that went into creating the song’s intricate backing vocals and harmonies.

It’s also pretty incredible to hear the samples from the song being highlighted; Lorde played a sample of a tiger roaring (which was added before the song’s bridge), and also soloed the incredible brass instruments that add so much energy to the track.

It’s a must-listen for any modern music maker. Listen to the podcast here.