Little Oceans: 'Northern Eyes'

Electro-tinged trio Little Oceans recently made the move from their hometown of Nelson to Auckland – perhaps it’s an apt metaphor for their musical aesthetic, a combination of industrial beats and sweeping pastoral atmospheres

Avid filmmakers, the guys are determined to make their visual representation as beautiful as their sound, self-producing their own starkly beautiful video for 'Northern Eyes'.

The band's also out to rescue the love song. “Call me old fashioned, but I feel the romantic side of music has been somewhat lost”, explains keys player Josh, “It’s been replaced with derogatory sexual innuendoes both lyrically and visually.

Check out the video and a few words from frontman Matt below.

Walk us through the video? What’s the concept?

We didn't want the video to add another layer to the song. We didn't want to bring anything else to the table; we just wanted to show what was already there. On the surface the video is very bland, we took out everything we could, made the footage black and white and filmed in front of an infinity wall. By killing every superficial distraction we set up a scene where only a real and honest connection could bring it back to life. If we were at all successful at that it is because the couple, Chiara and Ben, had a real and honest connection.


What other filmmakers are inspiring you?

I guess we used a few Wes Anderson-inspired symmetry shots in there. We didn't actually plan much for the look of the video. You can push every button the camera has and zoom in and out as much as you want but at the end of the day what matters most is what's in front the thing. We just shot everything very simply and as best we could. That is definitely a lesson learned from recording music; it doesn't matter how great the microphone sounds, the only thing that matters is the performance.