Lawrence Arabia’s Singles Club

Lawrence Arabia is gearing up to create his fifth album, and he’s enlisting the help of fans to make it all happen.

The prolific music-maker has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which offers patrons an exclusive new single every month to thank them for supporting the project.

Arabia has already exceeded his $15,000 goal, and recently wrote that he was over the moon with the support, saying it is, “a reflection of some incredible generosity of spirit and wallet out there… The campaign continues till February 14 – any additional money over the target will allow me to further resource this recording process and make it as excellent as possible. So tell your friends about the coolest darn digital singles club out there!”

He’s already dropped the first single for club members, a song titled ‘Solitary Guys’ (you can listen to a tasty snippet of it here), and if you’re interested in supporting Arabia, click here.

Brush up on Arabia’s 2009 Silver Scroll winning single ‘Apple Pie Bed’ below: