Kimbra: ‘Human’

Kimbra’s released the second single from her upcoming album ‘Primal Heart’, and it’s a big song that looks at the importance of imperfection and the struggle of the human condition.

‘Human’ harks back to soul music from the era of Nina Simone, and Kimbra gives it her all, belting our raspy vocals in the choruses. She delivers an introspective monologue, explaining 'I got a heart that's primal....'; in lyrics that have inspired the title for her soon-to-be-released album.

The singer and producer explained in her latest newsletter, “This is a really meaningful song for me and in the session where I wrote this song, almost all of the lyrics poured out immediately in the moment once the first movement of the piano chords began. It felt almost like an old spiritual song.”

Kiwi director Gregor Nicholas filmed the music video in New Zealand, and it features Kimbra singing to a eerie cloned version of herself.

Watch the video for ‘Human’ below: