The Prophet and the Poet

Photo: Aaron Redfield.

Photo: Aaron Redfield.

Along with his compatriots in Grammy Award-winning band Switchfoot, Jon Foreman has been trading in heart-rending anthems for over a couple of decades now, with considerable mainstream influence.

But this is not an ode to the music of Jon Foreman. That’s been done to death. It’s a tribute to a man whose pen is just as mighty as his guitar; an old-fashioned poet, whose philosophy is influencing crowds the world over.

Foreman’s first guest blog on online news outlet The Huffington Post appeared in 2010; a musing from Seat 23 on a flight from San Diego to Dallas exploring the idea of being “possessed by truth”, quoting the Torah, Sarah Palin and Buddha. For the last five years, Foreman has tuned in with regular blogs, eloquently articulating a real-life faith in modern-day parables.

When conservative protestors in Oklahoma picketed his band last year, Foreman responded with a blog urging love and tolerance: “I refuse to protest protestors.” He wrote, “I will not be opposed to the opposition. I will not antagonize the antagonist, nor hate on the haters. I am not at all against them -- in fact, I am for them.”

In a 2014 post titled “When We Come Alive”, the singer braved the very meaning of life, concluding, “Maybe it varies for all of us. But if the meaning of life cannot be answered by the scientists or the philosophers, then it's up to the rest of us to define what it means to be alive. We, the living, answer that question every day -- not with our words, but with our lives.”

Last year, The Huffington Post reported over 100 million unique views, making them the number-one news site in America. While he plays to packed clubs around the world, Foreman’s pen travels even further – tales of everyday faith that never proselytize, but instead paint pictures of universal concepts: hope, love, meaning and a deep, grounded spirituality.

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