Jocee Tuck: 'Made To Be'

Folk singer Jocee Tuck has released her first-ever music video, and it’s a colourful, whimsical clip for her tune ‘Made To Be’.

The former Bear-Cat singer (who originally hails from Blenheim), has been steadily crafting her music over the past few years, and she released her debut album ‘Mt. Dora’ last year.

The album showcases Tuck’s penchant for Sufjan Stevens inspired folk; and it’s filled with sounds from her trademark marimba, strummed ukuleles, and brass instruments.

‘Made To Be’ is a heartfelt Gospel tune, and Tuck explains, "What this song comes down to really is the idea of ‘a great love’.  A love that is fierce and intangible. A love that would go and plan great adventures and go to great lengths to see that their love is looked after and protected."

The clip was directed by former Goodshirt frontman Rodney Fisher, and features a bountiful amount of pom poms.

Watch the video for ‘Made To Be’ below: