Under the Influence

My biggest influence musically is Bob Dylan. I’ve always been fascinated by his use of beautiful, abstract imagery through his descriptive and mesmerizing lyrics. He speaks in a way that doesn't always obviously allude to the true meaning of his song, but I enjoy this hugely because it’s thought provoking and can mean completely different things for different people.

I’ve always loved the poetry of his lyrics. His songs are narratives; songs of social commentary, descriptions of love and simple places.

He's influenced my music and style; the way I write my songs, my preference of instrument even in some cases my choice of clothing. He inspires me to resound my opinions and stances through music and to write inspiring music for people who feel the same. I have always been interested in political issues and their affects on people and Bob Dylan showed me that music is a medium through which that can all be explored.

He also evolved as an artist and I like how he explored several different genres over his career. He started very much with traditional folk but moved on to rock - I respect that.

We have a bach at Waihi Beach and my mother has a large collection of her old vinyl there; I’ve spent childhood summers being introduced to Dylan and others. He’s truly helped shape me as a musician.