Gungor: ‘One Wild Life’

Gungor have busily been releasing a trilogy of albums this year - and the collection’s final instalment has just come out.

The three ‘One Wild Life’ albums are titled ‘Soul’, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Body’, and the band say they were written as a remembrance of the sacred gift that life is.

On their website, Gungor has explained that the work, “is largely the result of a very painful 2014... And as usual for us, heavy doses of pain tend to give birth to heavy doses of music. In 2014 we felt betrayed. We felt judged. We felt homeless. We felt abandoned. But we also felt loved. We felt hope. We felt passion. We felt faith. So we wrote about all of it.”

Featuring stunning Bon Iver-esque harmonies, poignant lyrics, and ambient synths; the albums show that the husband-wife led collective is musically on form, writing huge songs about hope, faith and meaning.

Have a listen to the albums here, or stream their newest release in the trilogy, 'Body' below.