Gladius James: ‘We All Got Issues’

LA-based Kiwi producer James Wong has dropped the second single from his solo project Gladius James.

‘We All Got Issues’ is a soulful a capella jam, complete with layered vocoder harmonies ala Francis & The Lights. With no other accompaniment, James’ vocals create a heartfelt song that feels honest and nostalgic.

Gladius James sings about his musical upbringing, crooning, “Momma made me learn while I was 8”, as he then tours us through a list of his musical influences and love for creating over the years. The lyrics cover his experiences playing in a band with his brother at 22, and the hustle of trying to get ahead.

The song definitely brings to mind Lukas Graham’s smash ‘7 years’ for it’s nostalgic vibe; but it’s a nice listen.

Check it out below: