Girlpool: ‘Picturesong’ ft. Dev Hynes

Los Angeles duo Girlpool have teamed up with Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange)  on a new track, and it’s a good one.

‘Picturesong’ features Hynes singing on the track, and he also mixed it and added additional instrumentation. It’s a heartfelt tune, featuring lushly layered vocals and haunting synths.

Girlpool explained in a statement, "’Picturesong’ is a word invented to explore what we create in each other when we want to feel deep love because of loneliness or otherwise, and brings into question the reality and delusion of the things we feel.”

Hynes told fans, “I’m such a fan of Girlpool, and loved working with them. Their harmonies are some of my favourites that are out there.”

Listen to ‘Picturesong’ below: