Farewell, Old Friend

Hamilton-based songwriter Luke Thompson recently announced he was selling up and moving his family to roam Australia in a caravan. A bunch of his mates, including Lydia Cole, Avalanche City's Dave Baxter, Strahan, Van der Wel, Holly Arrowsmith, Jocee Tuck and Ant Jeffares are banding together to send him off in style.

Longtime collaborator Lydia Cole says "We are kindred spirits; friends on a narrow road of what we’re doing. He’s a gift to me, a gift of encouragement on what can be a super lonely, weird road. And that, I think, our friendship and our musical collaboration where we sit with each other has changed, and is changing."

The quality lineup will converge in Kingsland tomorrow night. Check out the event details here and head down to give the wandering tunesmith a proper send-off.