Estère: ‘Rent’

Wellington producer Estère has just released her latest single ‘Rent’, complete with a colourful and fully choreographed music video.

The song opens with Bjӧrk-esque harmonies, before bursting into a bombastic, rhythmic celebration of keeping a roof over her head. As she sings triumphantly in the choruses, “I can pay my rent”.

The musician explains, “As a human being it can sometimes feel like what we have achieved is overshadowed by what we haven’t. ‘Rent’ is an ode to the greatness of personal triumphs, and a finger to whatever it is that gets in the way of us claiming ownership of our accomplishments.”

Estère recorded and produced the song herself, and she’s gearing up to release a double-album called ‘My Design, On Others’ Lives’ at the end of April.

The visuals for ‘Rent’ were directed by Alexander Gandar, with choreography by Wellington dancer Emma Martin.

Watch the jubilant video below: