The Ember Days, AV

Alt-worship ex-pats The Ember Days are embarking on their most ambitious project yet.

The Nashville-based band has turned to Kickstarter to ask their fans to help them realise their next worship project; a multi-media experience that combines new songs with bespoke visuals.

The Embers will return to the studio with Paul Moak, the Grammy-nominated producer behind their 2013 album ‘More Than You Think’. Filmmaker Ry Cox will produce accompanying visuals, incorporating footage from the band’s international travels to New Zealand, British Colombia, Northern Scotland, Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, and Iceland.

“We are not just adding visuals as a ‘cool idea’” The band adds, “That is just about meaningless – The reason is that the Bible says “creation declares the glory of God”. We feel like in a world where we feel quite often alone – these visuals along with the songs will lift our eyes and hearts to see how powerful God is, how present he is in the midst of our chaos.”

This isn’t the first time the band has taken to crowdsourcing to make an album, in fact, if the $50,000 project goes ahead, it will be their fifth successful Kickstarter project.

For the band, the staunch independence of crowdsourcing is important to their creative autonomy. “For our band to get the support of a label, we would need to change our sound into something that is different to what is burning in our hearts to create. Raw, honest, beautiful, gut-wrenching songs about the difficulties we face as humanity,” they explain, “God in the midst of the chaos, and songs of adoration to Jesus. Truthfully, we can’t do what we do with a label. We need to be free to create in a honest way. That is where you come in. If you believe in what we are doing, we really do need your support.”

Learn more about the project and support the band here.