Bon Iver: '22 Million'

Bon Iver's long-awaited third album ‘22, A Million’, taking a new musical direction from the project’s folksy origins.

The album shows Justin Vernon exploring themes of disconnection, uncertainty and loss through a glitchier, more experimental sound palette. We dig.

Pitchfork’s review of the album explains, “Beyond its sonic striving, ‘22, A Million’ is also a personal record about how to move forward through disorienting times. Vernon occasionally employs religious language to express his anxiety, some explicit (“consecration,” “confirmation”), some more plainly vernacular (“So as I’m standing at the station,” “I could go forward in the light”).”

The album’s liner notes also quote Psalm 22, saying “Why are you so far from saving me?”, hinting at a crisis of faith of some sort. Vernon majored in Religious Studies and minored in Women's Studies at the College of Wisconsin - '22 Million' is a fascinating journey full of reflections of a complicated relationship with the divine. 

Have a listen to ‘33 “GOD”’, one of the first songs released from the album, below.