Airports: 'Stellar'

Aussie duo Airports recently rewound to their 2013 tune 'Stellar' on their Tumblr site, adding a few fun facts behind the song.

"The making of this zero budget music video with 5000+ views on Youtube, filmed over 12 hours in Sydney and Newcastle gave us a few hilarious and special memories. Here’s some unknown facts about the shooting of Stellar:

Firstly, yes, that is a REAL runway. This was in fact an active airfield that is used daily by aircraft and while filming we had to keep looking out for planes that might have been coming in for landing.

Secondly, this is also that same runway that Mossy left his wallet on, which provided a few hours of stressed out drama. It’s all good, we found it. Eventually.

Thirdly, despite our tight time schedule, we had to stop filming momentarily in Sydney to wait for a possum to get out of our shot.

Also, this was filmed by our great friend Nathan Hopkins aka PHRESH CREATIVE. He’s now gone on to provide media for The Parramatta Eels!

And finally, Mossy was wearing an aeroplane necklace especially for this shoot. Good job Moss."